The Link Between Changes in Weather and Your Health

If you develop increased pain right around the time there is a change in weather, you’re not going crazy! While medical professionals aren’t exactly sure why, continued research suggests that there may indeed be a link between changes in weather and your health.

Ali Ghahary

For example, sudden, severe onset of arthritic pain either before or during stormy weather could be due to changes in the barometric pressure. Barometric pressure is what measures the weight of air, and when changes occur this can trigger pain. In a study done back in 2007 by Tufts University in Boston, they were able to find a link between increased arthritic pain and every 10-degree drop in temperature.

Ali Ghahary- Barometric pressure

Additionally, other research has also suggested that individuals who suffer from asthma may notice worsening of their symptoms after a storm. Scientists believe this may be due to rain and lightning causing pollen to burst into smaller, easier-to-inhale pieces, triggering asthma as a result. Changes in weather can also set off a headache, and as many as 80% of migraine sufferers believe there to be a link there too. Apps like Migraine Buddy are a great way to track your migraines, including triggers (such as weather, noise, certain foods and menstruation) and effective treatment.

Chronic pain sufferers say they most often notice an increase in their pain a day before a storm arrives. While chronic pain is typically very difficult to treat, Dr. Ali Ghahary, a physician based in Vancouver, recommends several different methods of treatment to patients in pain. Such treatment methods include alternating between heat and ice on the affected areas, light exercises and/or stretching, as well as NSAIDs (such as ibuprofen) to reduce inflammation of the joints.

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