Building Trust in the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Doctors are some of the highest regarded professionals in the world today. They are responsible for all aspects of patient care, including mental health, physical health, and overall wellbeing. Individuals rely on physicians to provide them with the utmost care and benevolence. Thus, it is important for a good rapport to be built early on in the doctor-patient relationship.

Ali Ghahary
Dr. Ali Ghahary

Highly respected in his field, Dr. Ali Ghahary has been practicing as a family physician for over 10 years. Graduating from the University of Alberta, Dr. Ghahary went on to completely his Family Medicine Residency with McGill University before beginning work as a locum physician in rural Saskatchewan at the Prince Albert Minor Emergency Clinic. He would then go on to relocate to British Columbia, holding full privileges at various hospitals throughout the Province.

Dr. Ali Ghahary now practices at Brentwood Medical Clinic, and has become one of Vancouver’s top-rated physicians due to his gentle and compassionate approach.

By having a fiduciary relationship, patients are comfortable enough to communicate openly and honestly with their physician, and physicians are able to make thorough assessments, accurate diagnoses, and conducive treatment regimens.

For more information on the doctor-patient relationship, read Dr. Ali Ghahary’s article on WordPress titled ‘The Role of a Family Physician’. You can also follow Dr. Ali Ghahary on Twitter at @DrAliGhahary, as well as on Instagram.

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